TransPlant : Green is the new Red is a transdisciplinary project on a plant/human/animal/machine hybridization, which is going to be developed by Quimera Rosa along 2016 and the following years. TransPlant is a bio-art project based on self-experimentation, as it is a process which involves a body in an interbioformae transition. TransPlant will put in dialogue disciplines such as arts, philosophy, biology, ecology, physics, botanic, medicine, nursing, pharmacology and electronics. Transplant claims to develop a project that involved in current debates about the Anthropocene from a perspective not based on “human exceptionalism and methodological individualism” (1), but addresses the world and its inhabitants as the product of cyborg processes, of becoming with (2), of sympoiesis (3).

The project’s development is based on the interaction of different axis, as explained above, in order to produce subjectivity changes and to deconstruct different types of narratives that present the body as a unity. These axis are, for the moment: hybridization of human blood with chlorophyll by a regular protocol of intravenous injections, external translation of the process by chlorophyll tattoos, implantation of a RFID chip where to store all data process, development and attachment of typical plant sensors (acidity level, specific electro-magnetic waves, …) to human body and feedbacks on physical activity, medical self-experimentation on condylomata acuminata cells and, finally, the creation of a public open-source data of the experiments.

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(1) Donna Haraway
(2) Concept by Vinciane Despret
(3) Concept by Donna Haraway


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Transplant started in June 2016 with a reading residency at the association Ou/Vert in Paris (FR). And, it’s in the Transpalette, in Bourges (FR), that an installation and a performance produced by Emmetrop will mark in November the first step of this project, on the occasion of the reopening of this contemporary art center and the Rencontres Bandits-Mages.