The body as a sound post-gender instrument

The body as a sound post-gender instrument

# bodynoise  # genderhacking  # diy/dit  # prosthesis  # performance # synestesia # sensorial cyborg  # intersubjective relations  # transfeminist   #recycle # replicants technologies # deconstruction 

This workshop is focused on experimental bodysound and performance.

We are interested in a collective creation of DIY artefacts as a tool of re-signification of our relationship with technology and its role in the production of subjectivity.

We assume a notion cyborg that considers identity as a technological and artistical creation and seek to experiment hybrid identities that search to escape an infinite list of dichotomies like natural / artificial, humane/ machine, human / animal, man / woman, homo /hetero, art /science, human/environment, touch/sound, ability/disability, normal/abnormal, public/private…


Body as a sensorial interface


Body modification into a sound post-gender instrument


We propose an electronic circuit that generates sound through contact between our bodies:

>> bodynoise amp 

[BodyNoise Amp] is an amp based on LM386 chip. This device transforms body electrical activity in sound by
contact between different bodies. [BN A] allows to experiment a tact / sound cyborg synesthesia and the
perceptive and identity deconstruction generated by this one.

We use it to experiment different body states, coupling the device, as a prosthesis, to the body. It is also a
line of research in which we work lately, both in performances and workshops where we experiment through
body contact and cyborg synesthesia.

[BodyNoise Amp] was created and designed by Quimera Rosa in 2011, with the advice of MP19 at SummerLab
Gijón (ES). Quimera uses this device in its performance and has given more than 20 workshops in Spain,
France, Canada and Switzerland about its construction and use.



> Audiovisual presentation of the concept of prosthetics/performativity and bodynoise
> Explication of components and basic knowledge on electronics and soldering
> Building device
> Building prosthesis
> Body and sound experimentation
> Collective performance/jam or instalation (optional)


This workshop can take way of: final jam improvisation, open to the audience or not, occupy the public space…

X life Form, Instalation workshop, Emmetrop | Performance in Galería Alfa Nova, Berlín | Performance in the park, Sight & Sound Festival, Montreal, these two last with  Transnoise collective.

BodyNoise device

BodyNoise amp from Quimera Rosa on Vimeo.


Workshop Video

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