Transmutations / Anticipations

Transmutations / Anticipations







curated by Quimera Rosa / drawing made by yaya

Within the framework of the Encounter Bandits-Mages 2015, and more precisely in the seminar about Eco-queer, Transmutations & Anticipations; Bandits-Mages has trusted on us the elaboration of a curatorial program.

Within this framework we are going to develop a postporn short-films programme. You are invited to explore the possibilities of a left hand fisting in the darkness of the planet Winter; we call to those dispossessed of the human identity to show their BDSM relationships with strawberry-aloe on Anarres; we invite you to a change of climax with your stardust; and we remind you that the name for World is Forest.

We invite you to explore transmutations & anticipations possibilities offered by the Ecosex movement initiated by Elisabeth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle, the postporn, the feminist sci-fi, the cyborg covens, and the vampire knowledges…

We will pay special attention to the works where the sexual representations/practices that revolve around the production of denaturalised identities: the hybrid, the wretched, the borderline, the monster, the bastards, the chimerical, the mixed, the abnormal…

 OPEN CALL (download) >> in Español, English, Français





Transmutations &Anticipations | Quimera Rosa from Bandits-Mages on Vimeo.





cartel final


La perlita”. Katia Sepúlveda.

Language: Spanish

Country: México

Year: 2015

License: CC

Duration: 2:17 min

your website: www.katiasepú

Synopsis: Con su conocido humor encopetado, imitaba a Eva Perón arrancando las joyas de los cuellos de aquellas amigas que no las querían soltar. Ay, Pochy, ¿no te gustó tanto el pronunciamiento? ¿No aplaudías tomando champán el once? Entonces venga para acá ese anillito que a ti se te ve como una verruga en el dedo artrítico. Venga ese collar de perlas querida, ese mis­mo que escondes bajo la blusa, Pelusa Larraín, entrégalo a la causa.

Pedro Lemebel pp5 De Perlas y Cicatrices.

La Perlita 72

No pasa más / It doesn’t happen anymore”. Wincy Oyarce avec Hija de Perra & María Basura.

Lenguage: Italian

Country: Chile

Year: 2015

Duration: 3.26 min

Synopsis: A multi-sexual fantasy that revolves around the figure of a transvestite and her pleasure-inducing prostheses and toys. A delirium in which traditional bodies and power relations are subverted. / Una fantasía multi sexual que gira en torno a una travesti con sus prótesis y artefactos destinados al placer. Un delirio en donde se subvierten los cuerpos y las relaciones de poder tradicionales.

It doesn't happen anymore - No pasa mas

Tell me when you die”. Amber Bemak & Nadia Granados.

Language: spanish and english
Country: Colombia / México / United State
Year: 2015
Duration: 11:52 min
your website: /

Synopsis: TELL ME WHEN YOU DIE is a post porn video trilogy, created and performed by Nadia Granados (Colombia/Mexico) and Amber Bemak (United States/Mexico). The first part of the trilogy is shot almost entirely inside or around the ocean, picturing the claustrophobia and intimacy of being surrounded by the natural world. We consider penetration as a cinematic rhythm, and experiment/perform being penetrated by air, water, fingers, and text. Thinking about porn as a genre which can be empowering or degrading in it’s engagement with women and their bodies, we use our own bodies to picture these extremes, at times our bodies are performing power and at times they are not.

Tell me when you die 1 alta

Chicas de La 26 – Una Obra Obscena”. (The girls of the 26 – Obscene construction). PorNo PorSí. Colectivo nómada de guerrilla

Language: español

Country: Colombia.

Year: 2011

Duration: 12:10

web:  /

Synopsis: “Chicas de La 26” es un vídeo registro del ensayo fotográfico generador del “Calentário Chicas de La 26 una Obra Obscena”, producido en el marco del I Festival porNoporSi realizado en Bogotá, Colômbia en 2011.

Un colectivo nómada de guerrilla se organiza con la propuesta de transcender la crudeza de la ciudad, la calle 26 es el espacio de actuación de esas energias, con su escenário de guerra, de caos, de máquinas, placas, caños, avisos, hombres. Una calle más en latinoamerica, una super obra pública devoradora de plata y energia humana. Un modelo de desarrollo que propone higienizar y patronizar las ciudades y con esa excusa genera la posibilidad de corrupción y las mas sucias practicas de mal uso de recursos públicos.


Amor com a cidade / L’amour avec la ville”. Ju Dorneles.

Language: portugues
Country: brasil
Year: 2012
License: creative commons
Duration: 10 min
your website:

Synopsis (max. 300 characters, including spaces):A girl makes love with the coties of São Paulo (SP) and Porto Alegre (RS). cinema, public space and urban action in an independent, colective and colaborative independent production made within friends.

amor com a cidade 02

Hello Titty” (trailer). Skyler Braeden Fox.

Language: English (with English subtitles as an option)

Country: Germany

Year: 2015

License: My film. My right to show it where I want.

Duration: 15 minutes and 20 seconds

Website: Don’t have one. Only a Facebook page that you can find by searching Hello Titty on Facebook.

Synopsis: If it was your tits’ last day on earth, what would they do? Tit Star Showboy is wrapping up his career as a tit flasher, and is offering one last round of private viewings in his trailer, just days before his top surgery. The queers have all come flocking to see the show, and in their anticipation, a power struggle develops over who will be the first to enter. Inside the trailer, Tit Star Showboy meets a willful guest, who drives him to depths of perversion he never dreamed of. Egged on by her highness and an unexpected intruder, Tit Star Show Boy takes his sweet trans titties for one hell of a ride, getting every ounce of enjoyment out of his man jugs before retiring them for good.

Hello Titty_72 dpi

NightShift”. Ben Berlin.

Country: Germany

Year: 2013

License: gap-gene-production

Duration: 7,32

Synopsis: It`s 3 am on a friday night in the streets of Berlin . The sand within a construction site starts to move and a creature is rising out of it, ready to get picked up by its owner. While waiting it enjoys the site. Excited by the rough location , which then turns into a playground. And the NIGHTSHIFT begins…


Squatophilie”. Clémentine.G (Multi-Taches).

Language: no dialogues
Country: Switzerland
Year: 2015
License: creative commons
Duration: 9:59
your website:

Synopsis: “Inside, there was nothing, only an empty shell, and walls to stand. Emptiness as a starting point, emptiness as absolute possibilities. Then starts the wild occupation, the lonely or collective experience against gentrification of the body. An intimate exchange takes place with the house, one wraps one’s mind with its smell, one transforms its walls to suit one’s desires. To live in a body, at last, take back what belongs to us. DIY of uncatchable and changing identities, we’ll be the only architects of our interiors.”


Porno Vegetal / Vegetal Porn”. Lucía Egaña Rojas y Elpueblodechina.

Language: none
Country: Chile/Spain
Year: 2008
License: Creative Commons (by-sa-nc)
Duration: 3’55”
Web site:

Synopsis: Our sexuality is bigger than our bodies. vegetal porn is a clear example of ungenitalization and of the daily erotics. / Un corto que deja al descubierto la evidencia de que nuestra sexualidad es mucho más amplia y va más allá incluso de nuestros propios cuerpo. excitante y envolvente, Porno Vegetal es un claro ejemplo de desgenitalización y de erotización de lo cotidiano.


Membranes”. Sophie Hoyle.

Language: N/A (no dialogue)
Country: UK
Year: 2015
License: Free
Duration: 4min 50secs
your website:

Synopsis: Membranes (2015) is an experimental short film that explores the permeable boundaries between the skins of the body and new technologies. Starting from an interest in experimental Science Fiction the film explores the thresholds of the human and non-human, posthuman and cyborg, and the anxieties surrounding the blurring of these boundaries. 

Membranes_Sophie Hoyle -Web

Dans mes rêves érotiques de cyborg”. Chloé Desmoineaux.

Language: none

Country: France

Year: 2015

License: CC

Duration: 1m46

Your website:

Synopsis: It’s a story about transgender and transformation, cyborg and a strange relationship between a man and his car. When I talk about dick, it’s more or less ironic. It’s totally allowed to masturbate while watching this video, but you have to go fast because it is a really short movie.

C’est une histoire sur le transgenre, la transformation, les cyborgs et une à propos d’une relation étrange entre un homme et sa voiture. Quand j’aborde les bites, c’est plus ou moins ironique. Il est totalement autorisé de se masturber en regardant cette vidéo, mais vous devez faire vite car c’est un très court film.

In my cyborg’s erotic dreams 1

Lesbian Hand Gestures”. Coral Short & Mascha Nehls.

Language: English

Country: Quebec and Germany

Year: 2012

Duration: 2:54


Synopsis: Rorschach meets the electro­punk of Lesbians on Ecstasy. Carefully crafted floating hands in space create high tech fantasy. Hands move in space creating a surprising pleasurable effects with their movements. These classic gestures are familiar to all people who have enjoyed them but new technology brings a fantasy element to these old favourites.

lesbian hand gestures

KInΩ”. XioBlue & Amphibia.

Language: English

Country: United Kingdom

Year: 2015

License: Creative Commons

Duration: 09’20”

Synopsis: Xio Blue // Amphibia // Carol Enthusiast // Takeawayboy1 // BwO. A polymorphous scifi system: microcontrollers, petals, flesh staplers, kinky drives, water, blood, chatrooms, A.I. strap-ons, female-to-female jumper wires. Promoting our audiovisual techno(sex) as queer worldmaking.


Correrse no es mearse / Cum is not peeing”. Colectivo Árbol (Don Anahí).

Language: Spanish

Country: Mexico

Year: 2015

License: Without Copyright

Duration: 8 minutos

Synopsis: Cum is not peeing its about the female ejaculation.

Cum is not peeing

Tips for better sexual hygiene”. Concha Flores.

Language: feline
Country: Greece, Spain
Year: 2013
Duration: 00.39
your website:

Synopsis: The secret life of cats is not so secret diy cosmetics time ain’t gonna fix it baby wound healing human saliva properties cell-derived tissue factor lick your own hand animal rights transpecies.

Στιγμιότυπο 2015-10-17, 18.15.47

Luna Roja / Red moon”. Eli Neira & Gustavo Solar.

Country: Chile – Ecuador

Year: 2015

License: Creative Commons

Duration: 6 minutes, 8 seconds

your website: /

Synopsis: Roja (Red Moon) explores the menstrual cup as a sexual device and element of power in the imaginary of the prostheses . For this reason, an equivalent ” dildo” moves to the head area of a male body and penetrates the access of the cup of a female body to compose a single blood body.

luna roja - foto La Multinacional Practica Artistica

Menstruantes”. Joyce Jandette & Alejandra La Bala Rodriguez.

Language: Castellano

Country: México

Year: 2013

License: cc

Duration: 4:06”

your website:

Synopsis: On the night of January 20, 2013, both of us got our periods. The peculiarity of the phenomenon awoke our curiosity and led us to investigate. They call it “menstrual synchrony” or McClintock effect. It’s no wonder that there is so little and vague information available about this phenomenon which, on the other hand, women have always known. We do not swallow the historical, anthropological, biological, medical, etc. interpretations that attempt to explain and build our body in terms of the supremacy of men. So, what is the alternative? as they say, if you do not like something, do it yourself!

This video is a visual record of a blood pact, ritual of sisterhood between lovers, or better, a ritual sisterhood between women-lovers. We rewrite our history, we reconquer our desire, with the emanating blood from our impure and owtlawed cunts, and we drink from them because it excites and empowers us, because this is our monthly bleeding crack, and this is the Blood of the New and Everlasting Covenant: ours!

menstruantes 02

38°25’18.2″N 0°47’34.1W”. Miss Kachapas/Bengala.

Language: geo­morphic

Country: spanish south east (38°25’18.2″N 0°47’34.1″W)

Year: 2015

License: CC- Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

Duration: 4’23’’

Synopsis: Tamaríx spp / Albus / Limonium spp / Umerum / Arthrocnemum spp / Iberus Gualterianus / Arthrocnemum /Spina / Fruticosum / Cistanche Lutea / Labrum / Arthrocnemum Macrostachyi / Halocnemum Strobilaceum /Helicella Huidobroi / Schoenus Nigricans / Juncus Maritímus / Clauiculam / Lygeum spartum / Ochthebius /Matorral Halonitrófilo Teucrium Buxifolium / Xerocrassa Derogata / Teucrium Buxifolium / Dactylococdopsis /Bracchium


Inti Siki”. Héctor Acuña.

Langage: Espagnol

Pays: Pérou

Année: 2015

Licence: Héctor Acuña

Website en vimeo:

Durée: 3 m 22 sec

Résumé: Action rituelle en honneur du soleil qui accueille un etre citadin dans un milieu entouré de 3 volcans: le Pichu Pichu, le Misti et la Chachani dans la région d’Arequipa au sud du Pérou

Inti Siki

Campos de Castilla / Deep Country”. Karmen Tep + Urko Post_Op.

Language: Spanish (sub. English)
Country: Catalunya.
Duration: 5 min

Synopsis: “Ecosex, cruising, genderfucking. How many summers have you passed in your boring little village hoping that some other freak would turn up? How much wanks and clandestine desires have those streets and fields witnessed? Deep country is an homage to all the non-normative identities and sexualities that have lived and continue to resist in the depths of the countryside”

¿Cuántos veranos aburridos has pasado en tu pueblo desando que apareciera otro bicho raro? ¿Cuántas pajas y deseos clandestinos han vivido esas calles y sus campos?
Campos de Castilla es un homenaje a todas las identidades y sexualidades no normativas que han vivido y que todavía resisten a las profundidades de estos pueblos.”

Campos de Castilla . 300dpi

Le passeur-tronc”/ “the limbless trunk smuggler”, Neige + Yaya + Fu.

country : switzerland
year : 2015
license : creative commons CC BY-NC-ND
duration : 7min44
your website :,

synopsis : at the crossing of two rivers, in the forest, the limbless trunk smuggler, its white body, frail and smooth, with long and fake black nails, allows illegal genders to pass in exchange for a bead of sliver, a heap of pubic hair, a ceramic plate and an electric shaver.

À la jonction des deux fleuves, dans la forêt, le passeur-tronc, au corps blanc, frêle et imberbe, avec ses ongles noirs, longs et faux, fait traverser les sexes sans barque en échange d’une perle d’argent, d’un tas de poil pubien, d’une assiette en céramique et d’une tondeuse électrique.

le passeur_tronc

Guaricha Freak”. Pasión Cusqueña.

Country: Colombia

Duration 3:15 min

Synopsis: Guaricha freak is the empowerment of the woman bitch, whore, casquisuelta , baracunatana, who was victim of the rumours and gosipp,but she don’t care, she knows what she wants. Pasion Cusqueña playback baracunatana (clasic colombian song), song of the artist lisandro mesa and put her sensuality, monstruosity and fierce.


Les vélos n’aiment pas les humains”. Adam & Oréll.

Lenguage: French/français
Country: French/france
Year: 2015
License: Creative Commons/Licence libre
time: 08’14”

Synopsis: It’s about ecology. It’s about ecosex. It’s about love. it’s about queer. Well… It’s about bikes…Il est question d’écologie. Il est question d’éco-sexe. Il est question du queer. Enfin… Il est question de vélos…

les velos náiment pas les humains-72 dpi