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anticipatory bail advocate chandigarh, Kutty and Rao (Engineers) Ltd. It was argued that the time of offence had not been proved by the prosecution beyond reasonable doubt because the Doctor had opined, while conducting the postmortem examination on November 17, 1991 at 8:00 am, that the death of the deceased appeared within 36 hours, whereas according to the prosecution case, death had taken place within 23 hours nVarious contentions were raised before the High Court with an endeavour to find loopholes in the judgment of the trial court regarding conviction of the appellants.

had to consider an award based on similar references without specifying what the dispute was. " After referring to the decision of the Federal Court in India Paper Pulp Co. Her individual choice is her self-respect and creating dent in it is destroying her honour. Neela Vijaykumar Bhate, 2003 (6) SCC 334 has held as under:- 7. " (1) The Government had no power to extend the time of the making of award after the expiry of the time originally fixed, and the award made by the Adjudicator after such time is illegal, ultra vires, inoperative and void.

Such aspersions of perfidiousness anticipatory bail lawyer Chandigarh attributed to the wife, viewed in the context of an educated Indian wife and judged by Indian conditions and standards would amount to worst form of insult and cruelty, sufficient by itself to substantiate cruelty in law, warranting the claim of the wife being allowed. This Court, in the case of Vijaykumar Ramchandra Bhate v. What is stated in the reference how to get anticipatory bail is that an industrial dispute has arisen between the workers and the management of the cinema talkies in the City of Madras in respect of certain matters.

Stress was laid on the definite article in clause (c) and it was said that the Government should crystallise the disputes ,before referring them to a Tribunal under section 1 0 (1) of the - Act. It was next contended that the reference was not competent as it was too vague and general in its terms containing no specification of the disputes or of the -parties between whom the disputes arose. In upholding this objection, Govinda Menon J. We find that they are of such quality, magnitude and consequence as to cause mental pain, agony and suffering amounting to the reformulated concept of cruelty in matrimonial law causing profound and lasting disruption and driving the wife to feel deeply hurt and reasonably apprehend that it would be dangerous for her to live with a husband who was taunting her like that and rendered the maintenance of matrimonial home impossible.

That apart, neither the family members nor the members of the collective has any right to assault the boy chosen by the girl. (1) Horwill and Rajagopalan JJ. , who dealt with it in greater detail in his judgment, said, " Secondly, it is contended that the reference does not specify the dispute at all. " Whenever the Collector shall have ordered a separate account or accounts to be kept for one or more shares if the estate shall become liable 'to sale, for arrears of revenue, the Collector or other officer as aforesaid in the first place shall put up, to sale only, that share or those shares of the estate from which,, according to the separate accounts, an arrear of revenue may be due.

On going through the relevant portions of such allegations, we find that no exception could be taken to the findings recorded by the Family Court as well as the anticipatory bail chandigarh high court Court. And to impose so called brotherly or fatherly honor or class honor by eliminating her choice is a crime of extreme brutality, more so, when it is done under a guise. The question that requires to be answered first is as to whether the averments, accusations and character assassination of the wife by the appellant husband in the written statement constitutes mental cruelty for sustaining the claim for divorce under Section 13(1)(i-a) anticipatory bail lawyer Chandigarh of the Act.

Awards based on similar references have been the subject of consideration in this Court recently. The position of law in this regard has come to be well settled and declared that levelling disgusting accusations of unchastity and indecent familiarity with a person outside wedlock and allegations of extramarital relationship is a grave assault on the character, honour, reputation, status as well as the health of the wife. Failure to do so vitiated the proceedings and the resulting award.

Freedom, independence, constitutional identity, individual choice and thought of a woman be a wife or sister or daughter or mother cannot be allowed to be curtailed definitely not by application of physical force or threat or mental cruelty in the name of his self-assumed honour. That such allegations made in the written statement or suggested in the course of examination and by way of cross-examination satisfy the requirement of law has also come to be firmly laid down by this Court.

It is a vice, condemnable and deplorable perception of honour, anticipatory bail lawyer Chandigarh comparable to medieval obsessive assertions. One may feel My honour anticipatory bail lawyer Chandigarh is my life but that does not mean sustaining ones honour at the cost of another.